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Rayan Adams Solicitors


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Immigration Appeals
Home office Refused your Case?

we are expert in handling appeals and provide specialist advice and defense representation in court anywhere in the country for all types of visas. we offer free case evaluation, via phone, e-mail or face to face.

Settlement and Nationality

We have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in Immigration Laws and UKBA's policies and procedures. We can guide you on your way to a smooth and successful application to your satisfaction.

EEA Family Visa
Need an expert ON Family Visa?

RAYAN Adams solicitors are experienced and work hard to get your family visa without any futher trouble. Our team will support you every step of the way. Call now to get expert advice. we deal with UK and EU

Other Immigration Matter?
Stop before it causes a big trouble

We have a trusted and reliable team of experts who can play a big part in helping to sort out any kind of immigration issue if you have, we have tremendous level of expertise dealing with home office

Most Trusted Company with successful cases

We have the best track record in terms of successful cases. Our team of expert lawyers are very professional and approchable. If you have issues and require legal assistance, do not wait. Contact us straighaway to book an appointment.


What is the minimal payments for the first consultation?
First Case evaluation is free. Other payments vary and depend of individual cases as each case is different, but we assure you that our fees are are reasonable.
Can i switch to another Lawyer during the case maturity?
Its very unlikely that you would be required to switch to any other lawyer as our solicitors are professional and have a large number of happy clients.
What will be winning percentage for the case?
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What documents that are needed to be produced before proceeding?
We advise you to bring all relevant documents and your ID documents so that our lawyers can evaluate your case and advise you accourdingly with best possible solution.
Will my case be confidential?
At Allied Law solicitors we have a very strict confidentiality policies and we make sure our customer data is safe.
What is the minimal payments for the first consultation?
First consultation is always free at Rayan Adams Solicitors.
We are located in Hulme, Manchester Near Asda

Our Location

Rayan Adams Solicitors

we are located in Hulme High street near Asda(Hulme) we are about 3 minutes walk from ASDA

Office # 15, 24 Hulme High Street, Manchester, M155JS

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